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Team Tuesday at The Carriage House of Yorktown with Dusty Baker

Name: DB

Age: Old enough to know better. Actually, I'm so old; I forget. I think 19 years old. I know I look cranky- but I am a cuddle bug!

How long have you worked at The Carriage House? Since its inception. Over 200 weddings

Mantra: We know weddings!

Opinion on the 'Friskies' cat? He is a poster boy, a wannabe!

Favorite wedding food? Salmon pate' and Duck Lorange shreds.

Best part of the weddings? All the children cuddle me and rub my belly. I love being the center of attention!

Favorite things to do? Hang out with the owners and hunting at the pond.

Favorite vacation spot? The Carriage House. It's a destination wedding venue with a local address!

They say teamwork makes the dream work and that could not be more true with our very special team at The Carriage House! We are more than teammates- we are family. Our culture is based on unity; all with the same goals for our customers- amazing customer service and outstanding hospitality.

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