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Team Tuesday at The Carriage House of Yorktown with Miss Katie Beau Maye

Name: Katie Beau Maye aka "The Diva", "The Carriage House Doodle"

Age: A woman never tells..., and I am not a cougar!

How long have you worked at The Carriage House? All my life; I am a foundation piece.

Favorite male? The wolf model for 'Blue Wilderness". He's a bad boy and he is HOT!

Favorite wedding food? Beef anything. Love it all. It allows me to stay on keto.

Favorite things to do? Ride golf carts and chase Dusty Baker the cat. He is old and easy to catch.

Best part of weddings? Parading in front of the guests. All of the ooh's and aah's.

I am soooo pretty- I mean look how I'm rockin this wedding dress and veil.

Favorite vacation spot? The dog beach park in Naples Florida. It's the spot for A listers. The only spot that compares is The Carriage House of Yorktown!

They say teamwork makes the dream work and that could not be more true with our very special team at The Carriage House! We are more than teammates- we are family. Our culture is based on unity; all with the same goals for our customers- amazing customer service and outstanding hospitality.

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