10 Steps to Planning the Perfect Event!

Thinking about planning an event, but don’t know where to begin? It can seem like a daunting and overwhelming task. Follow these steps for successful planning!

1. Set your timeline

Setting a timeline is the first step in planning an event and will serve as the basis for most decisions moving forward. This will help you figure out how much time you have for each of the following steps. Make sure you set your date out far enough so that you can get everything done without burning out.

2. Create a guest list

Once you have decided your timeline it’s time to create your guest list. You will need to have a good estimate of the number of guests in order to make decisions for all of the following items.

3. Set your budget

This will be your least favorite part, but it is a necessary evil! You will need to figure out how you’re paying for all the fun stuff! Think about what you want to include in the event, like food, drinks, bar, entertainment, gifts/swag bags, door prizes, etc.

4. Determine the location

Now you’re on a roll! With the timeline set, a guest list and a budget, you are ready to move forward with getting all of the specifics in order.

5. Recruit and delegate tasks

An event takes a lot of planning, make sure to find a couple other people who are interested in helping so that you can divide duties as a team.

6. Find the venue

Create a list of the locations that you would like to explore based on geographic location, popular event venues in the area and referrals from others. Find a venue that is close to the majority of the guests. Once you have narrowed it down, contact the venues to set up a tour of their facilities. Make sure to ask the following questions:

  • Does their facility have the room that you need for your number of guests?

  • Does the facility include any decorative items?

  • Do they have adequate restroom facilities?

  • What is included in the venue rental price?

  • How many hours are included in the rental price?

  • Does the venue have a list of vendors that they can share with you?

  • Are there hotels close by for out of town guests?

  • What amenities do they offer for your guests?

7. Invitations

Now that you have a firm date and location, it’s time to get the word out. You can send formal invitations, post on Facebook or make calls.

8. Find Vendors for food, drinks, DJ, etc.

Depending on the venue that you choose, they might have in house requirements for vendors, or may have a referral list for you. If you are permitted to bring in outside vendors, shop around for the best value.

9. Plan activities

Of course, depending on the purpose of your event, there will be a main attraction! Be sure that you have planned activities for all age groups of invited guests. Include activities that will bring people together.

10. Post Event Activities

After your event, make sure to share your success with newsletter, Facebook and Instagram posts!

Now you have the perfect step by step guideline to create a successful event. These steps will keep you organized and on track. Don’t forget to enjoy the process and ultimately- the event that you have worked hard to create!

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