Top Questions on Everyone’s Mind

All tours are by appointment only. Please complete the information on the Schedule a Tour page and we will work together to schedule the perfect tour time for you!

This is a great question. We encourage you to bring those most important to you in your decision making and planning process. We do respectfully ask that you do not bring children younger than 10 years. There is so much to see! Children become bored easily.

Yes! We are pleased to be able to extend this benefit to our couples! It sure makes budgeting easier. When you decide to contract with us, we review the package and set up a payment plan with you.

200 guests including the bridal party.

For inclement weather we have a beautiful backdrop indoors in front of the fireplace. Most guests sit at their tables and our team move a couple tables to create a beautiful aisle. Our couples have loved this option because it is a very romantic ceremony location. This does not need the room flip like other venues require, which would be disruptive to your event. And…. You do not need to stress about ‘Plan B’ or pay for it!

We only host one wedding each day to ensure that each couple’s event is special and receives our full attention. You have exclusive access for your contracted date.

Yes, there are several hotels within 2 miles of the venue.

Yes, Special Event Insurance is required. We are happy to share several affordable options with you.

125 cars.

We are absolutely dog friendly, with some specific stipulations. Dogs (no more than 2) are allowed only with pre-approval at the ceremony and pictures. Animals, other than service animals, are NOT allowed under roof or near food. Dogs must be on a leash, and someone must be responsible for them other than the bride and groom. Dogs must be removed from the property after photographs. Dogs are not permitted in the carriage.

Fireworks are not permitted.

Yes! Absolutely! We specifically designed our outside surfaces to accommodate. Our front French doors are an easy transition for wheelchairs, walkers, and scooters. One of the restrooms is disability accessible. No one should miss your wedding!

We have the following restrictions: Due to many water features, children under 16 must be supervised at ALL times. No open flames, real flower petals only for the ceremony, no fireworks, no swimming in the pool or pond. Crayons/markers are allowed at designated tables only, guests may not bring pets, no mylar confetti or poppers, no birdseed, no weapons of any kind (even with a conceal and carry license), and no glass or bottles near the pool.

We have both heating and AC. In fact, we have several units operating as a contingency in the case of a failure.

Yes, guests are permitted to smoke in outside spaces.

Yes! Both are available and even the booster seats have trays.

Catering and Bar

No, but we strongly encourage you to use vendors from our preferred vendor list. If you have a caterer in mind that is not on our list- let’s talk- that is how we meet new vendors!  Initially we allowed any outside catering, because honestly most venues do not, and we did not understand why! The truth is, after two years of allowing any caterer under the sun to waltz through our door, we realized that is not a workable business model if quality food and a quality experience is important to our couples and their guests. It sure is to us! Some caterers were amazing, but some were clearly in it for the money and not the couple (like when we asked, do you help with XYZ and the caterer responded, “they didn’t pay for that.” Once you get to know us, you will know that attitude does not sit well with us.) We had issues with caterers showing up hours late and unprepared. We had caterers run out of food. We had caterers who routinely sent three 16 years-olds to be the event staff. When it was a bad experience, it was really bad, for us, the couple, and their guests.

We selected the caterers on our list after having many come through our doors those first few years because they had good food, good service, because they had very affordable options along with a variety of upgrades, and honestly because we thought they were great people to work with and treated our couples wonderfully. It is important to actually like your vendors and customer service is king!

Also of note, many other venues make vendors pay to be on their list and insist you use them (can you say kickback?!) We do not participate in this practice. If they are on our list- we really like them!

No. Some caterers will provide this, otherwise you will need to provide.

Self-catering is not permitted. You must use a licensed caterer.

No. Many venues have minimums because they make a 10 – 15% commission from the caterer based on how much you spend on food and drinks. We choose NOT to make a commission because we want our food and beverage options to be as elegant or affordable as your budget allows, and therefore we do not have a food and beverage or guest count minimum.

Planning for the Big Day

We primarily have 5-foot round tables that seat 8. We also have several 8-foot rectangle tables, seating 8 to 10.

We have several different configurations depending on your guest list size.

You will have access to the venue at the time listed on your contract, not earlier. Please plan accordingly!

We can easily accommodate a DJ service or a band. Our venue has a uniquely elevated DJ booth. This enables your DJ to oversee and interact with the entire reception room.

The Carriage House was designed with a multitude of photography opportunities. Drone photography is permitted and is a wonderful option for the outdoor ceremonies. We do not have any restrictions.

Music on Saturday’s must conclude by 10:30 p.m. to ensure that you, all your items, and all of your vendors have vacated the property by midnight. Music on Sunday’s must conclude by 9:30 p.m. to be off property by 10:00 pm.

Good question! If you have a two-day package, they can make deliveries on the first day. For Sunday weddings, we will organize this with both you and your vendor. All deliveries must happen during the standard rental period. Please advise your vendors of this policy.

No. We do, however, allow battery operated candles and have plenty in stock for you to use!

Plan for 8 guests per table.

We discuss the guest count at the 2-month meeting. Final headcount will be due to The Carriage House 2 weeks prior to the event.

Setup and Wedding Day

Outside food and drink is indeed permitted prior to the ceremony. In fact, we encourage you to have snacks while getting ready. It is a long time until dinner! Outside food and drink in not permitted after the start of the event.

For the Full Service and Sunday Packages our staff will manage all standard clean up, tear down and trash removal throughout and following the wedding reception. You will remove your personal belongings and gifts and we take care of the rest!

Absolutely!! We have an extraordinary number of photographic opportunities. We can also collaborate with you on the wedding day timeline to make sure you capture the perfect timing for each area! 

Micro Wedding FAQ

Micro Weddings are available Tuesday thru Thursday every week and on some added weekend dates as announced.

Absolutely! If the weather permits, we have 4 amazing outdoor sites and 1 indoor site with a spectacular fireplace.

Yes, of course! You will choose both the type of ceremony and music that you want. 

Yes, you may add up to 16 additional guests. Each additional guest is $15. Maximum guest count is 64.

Yes, you can add an additional hour at $225 per hour!

You will choose centerpieces, linen colors, items for the gift table, tableware, drinks, cake and cupcake flavors.

Absolutely! If you have a favorite food or special dessert to share- bring it!

Yes, we schedule a planning meeting with one of our consultants to ensure all of the details.

For certain! We make sure of all the timing information for you and your guests- so you do not need to worry. 

The reservation fee is $500 and the remainder is due 45 days prior to your celebration. We also have a payment plan option. 

6pm          Arrive at the venue/getting ready in the bridal suite and groom’s room

6:30pm     DJ and Photographer arrive

7:30pm     Guests arrive

7:45pm     Ceremony

8pm          Photography

8:30pm     Grand Entrance/Introduction

                  Cut Cake/First Dance

8:45pm     Celebration Reception/Dancing

                  Snacks and Desserts

                  Special Dances

9:45pm     Last Dance/guests are dismissed

9:50pm     Gather personal items 

 10:00pm   Depart from the venue

*Addition of an hour may be allocated to the timeline where you choose. Micro Wedding timelines can start as early as 1pm.