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Team Tuesday at The Carriage House of Yorktown with Brinda Cook Lewis

Brinda Cook Lewis - Venue Assistant

Brinda jumps right in and does whatever is needed and more! Always adding extra touches and anticipating needs for customer service. Her wry sense of humor keeps you laughing!

"What I love about working at The Carriage House is the solitude of the venue. It is close to Muncie- but feels like you are tucked away, very private"

"In my free time I love gaming, antique shopping and visiting flea markets"

"Favorite vacation spot? Seaside in Oregon! "

They say teamwork makes the dream work and that could not be more true with our very special team at The Carriage House! We are more than teammates- we are family. Our culture is based on unity; all with the same goals for our customers- amazing customer service and outstanding hospitality.

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