The Best Pinterest Boards to Create for Wedding Planning

The Best Pinterest Boards to Create for Wedding Planning

Pinterest has become a treasure trove for wedding inspiration! From dresses to decor and everything in between, creating the perfect Pinterest boards can be a game-changer for couples embarking on their wedding planning journey. As promised from last weeks Wedding Wednesday, lets look at some of the best boards to create for your magical wedding day inspiration!

Theme and Style

Every wedding has its own unique personality and there’s no better way to capture the perfect look and feel for your special day than with a Theme and Style board. The first thing to do when narrowing down your wedding theme options is to think about what you want the wedding to be. What do you want to focus on? It’s important to consider the whole wedding theme, not just one aspect. Are you leaning towards a Vintage/Boho, Romantic, Rustic, Modern or Fairytale theme? You may be surprised by your choices once you start collecting pins.


Wedding Attire

Create a board dedicated solely to wedding attire. From bridal gowns to groom’s suits, veils, accessories, and outfit ideas for the bridal party, This board will help you narrow down the actual style and designs you like.


Flowers and Decor

Capture your aesthetic preferences by gathering images of venue decor, table settings, floral arrangements, lighting ideas, and any specific themes you have in mind. This board will help set the ambiance for your special day.


Wedding Food Ideas

For foodies and those passionate about their wedding menu, save images of mouthwatering dishes, cake designs, dessert bars, and unique drink stations. This board can help visualize your culinary desires.


DIY & Crafts

Are you planning to add personal touches to your wedding through DIY projects or handcrafted items? Collect tutorials, ideas, and inspiration for handmade invitations, favors, signage, and more.


Honeymoon Hotspots

After the wedding, the honeymoon awaits! Create a board filled with idyllic destinations, travel tips, and activities to plan the perfect post-wedding getaway.


Timeline and Checklists

This board might not be as visually stunning, but it’s incredibly practical and important. Gather infographics, timelines, checklists, and planning tips to keep your wedding preparations organized.


Photos and Video

Collect samples of wedding photography styles you adore. Include poses, candid shots, and creative photo booth ideas to guide your photographer and capture the essence of your day.



Whether it’s a live band, a DJ, or unique entertainment ideas, gather images and videos that showcase different options to keep your guests entertained throughout the celebration.



A board dedicated to budgeting tips, cost-saving ideas, and ways to maximize your budget without compromising on your dream wedding.


Once you pin way more pics than you think you will ever need, take a step back and look for trends. Do you find yourself pinning lots of a certain color scheme? Is everything pinned ultra mode or does it have rustic elements? Are you pinning the same flowers over and over, or designs with lots of draping? Use this time to find a common theme throughout your images. Not all of your images will follow this, but the majority will.

Don’t stress too much about the exact theme or color. I suggest you pin anything that is really speaking to you. If it doesn’t perfectly match your vision or initial color scheme, that is okay. There is an element there that is catching your eye- just have fun with it!

Pinterest boards are simply vision boards, allowing you to collect your ideas and preferences visually. They are not only a source of inspiration but can also assist you with communication with your vendors, ensuring that everyone involved understands the vision for your big day! Use these boards as guides, add your personal touch, and watch your dream wedding come to life!

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