Wedding Thank You Card Tips

Wedding Thank You Card Tips

Receiving a lot of gifts is certainly a fabulous part about getting married! Sitting down and writing thank you cards is really not so fun. But the truth is- it has to be done. Your guests made the effort to be there for you, so you need to do the same and thank them for their generosity and thoughtfulness.

Thank you cards should be sent within 3 months after getting home from your honeymoon for gifts received on your wedding day. For those sent to you before your wedding- you have a 2 week window to send out those out. You want to make sure they know you received your gift. It’s just good manners. If for some reason you can’t get to all the pre-wedding thank you cards, take a minute to call the gift giver so they know you received their gift, and then send them a handwritten note after your honeymoon. For any gifts that arrive after your honeymoon, you have 3 months from the date you received them.

Tips on getting those thank you notes out appropriately:

  • Schedule a date on your personal calendar to get them written and sent. Allow yourself a couple days after you return from your honeymoon to settle in.

  • Write a few thank you cards each evening until completed.

  • Write them out as you open gifts sent to your home.

  • Thank you notes need to be hand written. Typed cards and pre printed cards are viewed as impersonal.

  • Use black or blue ink and keep it neat. Don’t send a card that is smudged, has errors or has words crossed out.

  • Sign from both of you on every thank you card.

  • Send a thank you card to guests that attended your wedding, even if they did not bring a gift. Acknowledge their attendance with a quick thank you note. You never know what someone else’s circumstances are.

  • Make your thank you notes personal. Address the gift giver by name and be specific about the gift that you are thanking them for. Include how you are going to use their gift. If money or gift cards have been given, tell them how you plan to apply it.

  • Write separate notes for each gift received from the same person.

  • Send a personal note to all of the vendors that made your day fabulous.

The weeks prior to the wedding are very busy, but make sure to take time to send thank you notes for the gifts from your shower. Don’t lump everything into one thank you note. It’s the right thing to do.

And lastly- if time gets away from you and you are approaching the 3 month deadline, don’t panic. You should send thank you cards from your wedding ASAP. The sooner, the better. Skipping sending your thank you cards is bad etiquette. It is far better to send them late than never at all. It doesn’t matter if you’re weeks overdue- send thank you notes anyway. Guests take notice and will surely appreciate it!

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