You Don’t Have To Go Into Debt! 6 Ways to Save

You Don’t Have To Go Into Debt! 6 Ways to Save

You don’t have to go into debt to have an amazing wedding.

At The Carriage House of Yorktown we believe that you can have a meaningful and creative wedding no matter what kind of budget you are working with. We encourage our couples to strategically plan their purchases so they can start their married lives debt free.

So… what are some of the big purchases to save on?

The Wedding Dress

You may think that your wedding dress is a difficult thing to cut back on, but here are some cost cutting tips:

  • Shop resale or consignment dress shops- some of the dresses are brand new!

  • Shop wedding dress sample sales at your local bridal shop

  • Buy a pre owned dress

  • Rent a dress for the big day

Wedding Decor

Of course you want your decor to look Pinterest-worthy! There are quite a few ways to cut these costs- and your guests will never know.

  • Find a venue that has a decor rental room, or better yet- allows you to use decorative items for free

  • Create your own. If you or a friend/family are crafty- have a DIY party

  • Purchase pre-owned items from wedding groups on Facebook

Bouquets and Boutonnieres

  • Shop your local florist for better prices

  • Choose ‘in season’ flowers- they will be much lower prices

  • Shop Costco or Sam’s Club- they have wonderful fresh flower packages

  • Be creative and make your own

  • Consider renting your bouquets. There are several companies that have fabulous packages that are super reasonable

Lower Your Guest Count

Lowering your guest count is the fastest way to reduce your wedding costs.

Each person you add to your guest list exponentially increases your overall

cost on everything from food and alcohol to linens and centerpieces. With a

smaller guest list, you can treat everyone to a nicer experience.

The Wedding Date

  • Schedule a Friday or a Sunday. Saturday’s are the most popular day and, consequently, the most expensive.

  • Choose an off peak date for a lower price

Cut Out the Wedding Favors

A wedding favor is a small gift of your appreciation. Most are impractical.

Instead, do something fun for your guests like provide a late night snack or

special drink to sustain the late night dancing party!

The key is to choose the right places to cut corners in the areas that your guests

aren’t going to notice and spend on the items that are really important to you. Don’t feel obligated to do something because it’s traditional. Create your own authentic-

budget friendly celebration!

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