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Team Tuesday at The Carriage House of Yorktown with Zoe Halstead

Zoe Halstead- Venue Assistant

Zoe is adorable! She is down to earth and practical but spunky and loves to be helpful to everyone. She thinks ahead and anticipates the needs of the guests and bridal party.

"What I love most about working at The Carriage House is seeing how happy the couples and families are throughout the wedding celebration.

I love the way the couples are taken care of. Everyone working to make sure the couple has everything taken off their hands so they can enjoy the day without interruption."

"In my free time I play tennis and read when I am not working."

Favorite vacation spot? "I like going to any place near a beach or even just a place to swim."

They say teamwork makes the dream work and that could not be more true with our very special team at The Carriage House! We are more than teammates- we are family. Our culture is based on unity; all with the same goals for our customers- amazing customer service and outstanding hospitality.

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